Tuesday, February 9, 2010


My computer was out for several weeks and I have not updated this blog for quite a while. Apparently I am now getting hit with loads of spam. Not good. Not sure what to do about it yet.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Work really, really, really, really, really, REALLY sucks

I mean, it sucks so bad I am beginning to get the paranoia that comes about when one suspects one is being used unwittingly in a social psychology experiment.

We have traveled *way* past the realm of merely stupid or out of touch.

We have left Kansas.

We have left Earth. Hell, we have left the laws of physics.

My job is floating in it's own little self referencing universe with laws I don't grok. Somehow I travel to it via a wormhole that exists somewhere on the freeway...

Quantum physicists need to come study it. Really. It is that outrageous. They will discover new particle behaviors that exist nowhere else in the universe. Apparently these rogue particles have profound effects on the human brain.

I want to quit, move to rural Nevada where nobody will bug me, and start a spanking/colonic clinic.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

SL Continued...


M, D, and I ate together before the Schoolboys In Disgrace party. We processed the scene from the night before. I did see the potential of a well placed spanking scene to clear up relationship irritations as D and I did end up having a 2 way conversation on news, our respective needs for companionship and independence, etc. I thanked M for helping out. Cafe service was extremely slow, so I ended up harrassing the waitress, getting harrassed in return, snarfing my food, then clearing out and running upstairs for the Schoolboys party.

That party was insane. We had at least 10 female tops and about 30 men coming in and out of the room. The men I got to play with were delightful and I was gratified to see that each man got at least 3 trips over the laps of his choice. It was at this point that I began to percieve the benefits of being on an exercise program vs not--especially before a party. I pooped out! The last 3 guys received my cane in a traditional style. Fortunately they were warmed up for it and I did not hear any complaints. The cane proved to be a great lazy (or just plain pooped) Top's toy as I was quite eager to give the bottoms the 30-60 seconds they needed between strokes to process the sensation. One fellow did get my ire up as he had been bratting me all weekend. This earned him an ear tug to the bedroom in the party suite and then quite a hairbrushing and caning as he continued to run his mouth. He later said this scene was a bit too disciplinary for a party (well, I had been under the assumption that very persistent brats want to be subdued) but he also asked for an even more intense private scene. Unfortunately I did not get to him before he left Vegas, so he is definitely at the top of my list for next year.

The energy and enthusiasm of this party was high enough to turn the suite into a sauna halfway through, despite the general chill in the hotel and the fact we had the A/C cranked as low as it would go. I was happy to see more switch females stepping up to help with this party this year. Being a single male spanking bottom is often the pits at weekends like this, so to be able to give everyone in attendance as much spanking as they wanted to handle was quite rewarding.

After this party I rushed off to a double bottom caning and figging scene. One bottom was a fellow I had played with before and the other was someone whom I had just met. Said male bottom had decided my topping style might be quite salutory to this particular female brat ;-).

I usually don't have such a deep or successful scene with someone I have never played with before. However, I was able to read her well, I think--as well as read from him what might work for her. She went from mouthy brat to subdued to floating around somewhere in the Pleiades Cluster in the space of an hour. The energy was absolutely yummy at the end of the scene and I ended up alternating between tapping their plugs to keep their endorphins going and simply giving them both simultaneous back massages as I drank it all in. I ended up a gooey puddle myself as I rested with them for aftercare. I wandered back to my room and fell asleep in a very happy haze.

Our next event was the "prom." I dressed in a simple little black dress and had D dress in a white shirt. I spent the better part of the first hour checking in on the folks who had bottomed to me that day. I then danced with D and then hooked him up with as many women as I could until he wore out from dancing. My Phoenix friends were there too in absolutely fabulous, albeit uncomfortable, Victorian attire. Eve leaned in close to me on one occasion and told me she had heard I had performed the "Victorian trifecta." Well, not quite. I had performed all three components but not on the same people. The rumor did persist, much to my amusement, throughout the party. I am not sure who, besides possibly my Phoenix friends, started it. ;-)

Now, for the observent among you, there are no doubt questions about what became of the Victorian Trifecta I was supposed to bottom to. It did not happen, alas. Sunday went a bit wonkers and after that I was in no fit shape for it. However, the winner of the Superbowl bet has promised to "roast me good" early next SL party so I don't think I am completely off the hook.

After the Ball I spent a brief time in a suite party waiting for the bottom of my next session. I got to say hello to the party organizers as well as many other folks. My bottom showed up at this point and we played privately. I got the feeling from her that I needed to nurture more than do anything else, so I used hands and floggers for about an hour and focussed on pushing as much gentle love and positive regard into her as I could muster. I did proceed to canes and catharsis did result. I spent the next bit of time being as present with this person as I could. There are some who give continually to others, whether those others are in the spanking community or the vanilla world. This person is definitely one of those and I was more than happy to try to give her a bit back. This scene, as well as the figging and caning scene, stood out as a favorite party moment. I got her back to her room after this and crashed for the night.


A group of us got together to go to a Sunday brunch at another hotel. It was a bit like herding cats for the poor organizer to get us together, but the brunch was worth it. The organizer was most generous in treating us at no small cost. The Spumoni was especially good with bits of whole candied cherries and small chocolate chips.

The feast *was* good--however the resulting fight between it and the Mexican food I had eaten the night before was not so good. No, it was not a case of food poisoning--just a case of traveler's gut and overindulgence. I was supposed to bottom to some enema play. After my bad reaction that was rendered both unnecessary and potentially painful in a bad way. The Superbowl bet was not satisfied, and the poor brunch organizer was not able to get his planned licks in either. The scene we had planned turned into a gentle paddling scene, but to his credit he was able to get me to subspace despite the fact I was still feeling out of sorts.

Note to self: bottom *early* in the party. I am *not* a natural bottom. For reasons I can't explain completely it requires more energy for me to bottom than top. I really have to work on my head space and I can't do it well if I am even a bit tired. It is fantastic when it works well, but sometimes it is like chasing a damned unicorn. *sigh*

I did try to get some sleep after this but I felt restless and emotionally a bit perturbed for no apparent reason. I was on the verge of dozing off when my cell phone rang. One of my Phoenix friends had been nursing a respiratory bug all weekend and was now in trouble. I tore down to the cafe, attracting the attention and assistance of some other SL partygoers when they saw the look on my face. There was not much I could do except recommend the person see a health professional. I tried, with no success, to get the name of a 24 hour urgent care from the front desk. My friend's Domme drove her to the nearest hospital ER and D and I went back to the cafe and morosely ate soup and worried. Soup was about the only thing we could keep down. After this I booked my room for an extra night as I had previously been planning to leave Monday. I called my friends and offered them middle of the night help if they ran into a long ER wait as well as early AM packing help if they were able to leave as planned. After this we returned to the hotel room. I watched the news voluntarily and fretted, waiting for the phone to ring. Fortunately it rang around 10PM. My friend did not have to be hospitalized and she got scripts for some good drugs. I spent a fitful night tossing around and kept checking their room in the early AM in case they needed help getting out. I finally passed out around 7:30 AM and they were on the road by the time I woke back up.

Today turned out far better than I expected. I slept until just after noon, then rather morosely wandered down with D for coffee and a dip in the pool. I was starting to experience a nasty case of Top drop and was still worried about my friends. My interest in gambling rests somewhere between 0 and -5 depending on my mood so I was very bored. Fortunately I did find a nice group of SL stragglers at the pool. We got to talk and ultimately walked over to a restaurant across the street to eat a meal together. DJ Bob put on a hilarious act as a burned out Las Vegas tour guide as we passed by street contruction and a large fenced in pit. I negotiated with him to be spanked as he said he had some play left in him. The scene was delightful and a good post party hangover remedy. After this we reconvened to a very small gathering in Margaret Davis's room. The party pomp was over and we were ready to just sit and chat. D and others got their behinds warmed briefly, but mostly people seemed to want to talk and get to know each other better. This was definitely another favorite party moment.

SL Party Report...

We will see how far I get today:

The drive was nice, though I am not sure I am the long road trip sort. Last year I was able to share the duty with D and an automatic transmission rental car. My financial stars were not so well aligned this year, so I was the sole driver of my stick shift pickup. We arrived at the hotel, unloaded the truck, and promptly ate. After that I started to look for fellow party goers. I was debating with myself already whether to crash in bed or find the party. I got to reconnect with Mr. Shiny a bit after a year and also got to know our delightful room neighbors. After this D, myself, and a couple of other folks went off in search of The SL Thursday Group--or at least a group. It was at this point fatigue proved itself to be the better part of my valor. I was just not up to socializing and felt some funky energy off the group we kept running into, so I excused myself and turned in.

I got up with D, got cleaned up, ironed my shirt, curled my hair, ate my breakfast (yes, this dry recitation of my AM routine DOES have a point), and tidied up the room. I then announced my departure. D looked at me with his innocent and genuinely puzzled blue eyes and asked why I was in such a hurry. The man was still in his tighty whities, unfed, unbathed, and watching the news. I debated whether or not to stay while he ate--quiet room breakfasts were supposed to be part of this trip. However, the rambling MSN cable health care debate was now giving me a headache and I wanted to meet some people already. So I excused myself and went to the cafe downstairs.

I ran into a couple of my Phoenix friends who had arrived after I had retired for the night. They had just ordered their breakfast. They asked where D was and without much thought I stated he was "dawdling." The breakfast came and they ate as I sipped coffee. D came down just as they were leaving and appeared genuinely shocked that they were off so soon. We sat and talked to others as the tables simply changed SL hands. I then helped a friend sort out his SL group lunch plans as the restaurant he had intended to use was not going to be open. We then had a delightful lunch with about 25 SLers. The group was growing even as I left for my first session.

It was after this I had my first scene with an LV local. This was a spanking/punishment enema scene and the energy was just as good as it was last year. This fellow does not fly--he just howls (evil giggle). Yeah, I had fun. I am not sure what attracts some bottoms to more punishing scenes (I am not that kind of bottom). However, I am certainly glad such bottoms exist.

I was pretty spent after this so I sacked out for a nap, then got ready for the Vendor's Faire with Dana. I wore an austere black outfit that apparently brought at least one fellow back to his catholic school days. From what I learned some nuns were allowed to ditch the habit in more recent years for something akin to what I wore.

It was here that the party finally caught up with D. Now, my Phoenix friends have (had) this wonderful paddle made of a Hawaiian wood. It met an unfortunate initial demise when it first met D's behind and finally gave up the ghost on the next behind it encountered. What I did not know is that C (one of my Phoenix friends) sent the paddle back to it's maker for "recycling." She recovered enough of the orginal wood to make a smaller piece--then backed it up with a slightly softer wood for greater durability. The resulting paddle has since been dubbed "Gemini." The maker looked at me innocently and told me it was a "heaven and hell" piece as one of the sides *is* made of a softer wood. After seeing it in action I decided that "hell and purgatory" is a more accurate descriptor. This puppy is not gonna break.

"M"--my other Phoenix friend--weilded it with enough of a vengeance to get to my experienced, kevlar upholstered partner and at one point brought him to his knees. Few things truly get to D--but he was rubbing his posterier like a truly chastened little boy after this encounter. Of course M and I spent the rest of the Vendors Faire reminding him that his *real* session was coming up afterwards!!

I attended the switch men vs women party afterwards without much of a thought to D's fate. That event was quite a hoot. Since the women were outnumbered 2 to 1 we got to choose our spankers when we lost a competition and use implements on the losers if we won. I was nice (hey! I can be nice!) since I did not know many of the guys there. Well, mostly nice. Sorta. I did leave the canes alone.

I went in search of D afterwards and eventually found him in our room. Now, like many male bottoms I have met, D has been in search of the elusive cathartic scene for most of his scene life. Apparently, he got it. He was in a *very* chastened place that also happened to orbit the planet Pluto.

I deconstructed it later with the top. Now, remember I had briefly mentioned D's "dawdling" earlier in the day. She used that to scold him, and as the scene progressed whaled on his already tenderized butt with canes. Apparently the "dawdling" scolding hit some deeper places within him and he was able to let go.

This definitely gave me pause. Now, I am quite able to do cathartic scenes, help people release their guilt if that is their desire, and also do punishment scenes *if asked* by the bottom. Where I fall short though is in *creating rules* and then enforcing them. It is not that I can't create rules--it is just that placing another person under *my* authority gives me the squicks. I have enough skeletons and ghosts in my closet regarding authority figures to populate an entire haunted house. Feeling evil in the real (albeit false) sense does not make for good top space.

Yet--I did see how D benefited. He is *not* the sort who is ever going to ask directly for discipline. He does need it though. I talked to M about helping me. In the long term I am not sure if I can get past this block myself, or if I am going to have to send D to someone else on occasion to give him what he needs. M, fortunately, is someone who I trust enough to go either way with.

I will say though that D did not dawdle for the rest of the trip--and I did not have to book a separate room to avoid non-stop news related headaches.

More later...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back From Vegas

I will write some party reports when I feel less tired and dizzy. Went over the damn Dam which cut at least an hour off the return trip but it was still bloody long. I ended up staying an unexpected extra day which was rather nice.

More later...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

No, I did not remove your website from my links on purpose


EDIT: Rebuilt it. If I left off yours and I had it on there before, please comment.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Islander

I finally remembered my durned password, which means I was able to update that blog.